Playing the Role of WALTER ALFARO

Preferring to be called JC, Juan Carlos Montoya has dedicated himself to acting since 2001. Long time friends and acting partner with Rodrigo Viaggio, JC started out performing in short student films while studying video production in his hometown of Lima, Peru.

Upon Graduation he and Rodrigo joined the Peruvian theatre group Taiji which performed in several cities in Argentina, before being discovered by casting director Ceaser Arroyo and brought onto La Navaja de Don Juan to play the lead Walter Alfaro (once again opposite Rodrigo) after Writer/Director Tom Sanchez saw his potential in a preliminary casting season and asked for more tape on him.


Playing the Role of MARIO ALFARO

Working primarily in commercials and short films up to this point in his career, Rodrigo Viaggio has studied acting in Argentina and Spain in addition to his home country Peru.

His feature film career began with an un credited role in famed Peruvian director Francisco Lambardi’s Mariposa Negra (2006). Rodrigo played a leading role in the low-budget Peruvian horror film Jarjacha 3 (2007) as well, before coming to the attention of Writer/Director Tom Sanchez as he was looking at tape of JC Montoya in the short film El Greco, which Rodrigo both directed and co-stared in.


Playing the Role of UNCLE UMBERTO

Born in the region of La Libertad, Antonio Arrué grew up next door to some of Peru’s most prized cultural landmarks. He can seen in Peruvian films such as: La Manzanita de Diablo (1988), El Forastero (2002), Good bye Pachacutek (2006) and (2007).

His Peruvian television stardom began over thirty-four years ago with series such as El Diario de Pablo Marcos and continue today on Graffiti, Ferrando de Pura Sangre, Tormenta de Pasiones and others. In addition to being a veteran of Peruvian theatre, film and television, Antonio was worked extensively in Ecuador and Colombia.


Playing the Role of GRANDMA

A native of Lima, Peru and raised during one of the country’s most Tumultuous political periods, Irma Maury has been a national favorite of Peruvian television for over 25 years.

Most know for her prolific work in some of Peru’s most beloved telenovelas such as Los Unos y Los Otros and Los de Arriba y Los de Abajo y Nada Mas, Irma has been branching out in to the world of cinema more and more over the last ten years and con be seen in the Peruvian films: La Chicha Esta Fermentando (1983), Te Quiero (1995), La Mar Estaba Serena (2001) and Motor y Motivo (2009).


Playing the Role of ANA

Nataniel Sánchez started working in televisión on María Pía y Timoteo as a dancer, and since has become one of the most popular actresses in Peru.

In 2009 she joined the cast of the hit show Al fondo hay sitio from América Televisión, as the role of Fernanda de las Casas. In early 2011, she co-hosted Very Verano, along with Erick Elera. She also participated in a production of West Side Story.

Nataniel Sánchez is a spokesperson for Elvive Reparación Total 5, for L’Oréal París since 2012.